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Children Learn New Languages Effortlessly

Learning a new language at any age can be enriching, however teaching young children is our specialty.  Children as young as three years of age have the capacity to pick up a second language.

With our young learners we provide a variety of methods of cognitive learning.

We introduce simple vocabulary and counting through music, cartoons, games, and a variety of interactive activities to make learning engaging and most of all FUN!! : )

TOP 5 Reasons for Children to Learn French:

  • It is a perfect way to bond with your child.

Whether you already speak French or are reminiscent of French learned in High School or you’re starting from scratch, the time spent learning together is a valuable bonding activity.

  • It build’s self-confidence.

Children are absolutely remarkable at learning new things. Their brains are quite literally like little sponges. From a neurological perspective, their brain capacity is immeasurable.

  • It encourages diversity and an appreciation of culture.

As you will learn, French is not exclusive to one part of the world or one culture. We are all more alike than we are different. Being able to communicate with a larger group of people will help broaden their scope of interactions and life experiences. This program provides a real-time example of inclusion and not separation.

  • It broadens opportunities.

It gives them a competitive edge in school and places them on target for higher horizons.

  • It increases cognitive abilities.

Studies have shown that bilingual children have more empathy and higher IQ’s.

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Another Benefit of Learning French

It Improves Emotional Health.

Early exposure to learning a second language can improve creative thinking and problem solving skills by nurturing social development.  In this covid era, children and adults can all benefit from that.

Some may be apprehensive to learn French, thinking that other 

languages would be more useful in everyday society. 

In actuality, 

there are more French speakers in the United States than one 

would imagine.

The benefits of learning a 2nd language are far beyond simply learning.  It opens up a whole new world to you.  It ignites the imagination and takes you to real and exotic places.  It broadens the scope of your interactions with people.  It increases your ability to speak properly through phonemic awareness.  It expands your world by inviting other cultures and customs into your realm.

Open the beauty that the language of French possesses. 


Open Your World!

One of the most commonly known speakers of French are Parisians.  However, there are far more

French speakers in the world than one would imagine.  In the United States, over 2 million people 

reported being French speakers.  In communities of color, those numbers could be exceedingly more.  

Here are some groups of individuals that are native French speakers, just to name a few:


The most populous country in the Carribean are French speakers.

The Republic of Guinea

Although 40 different languages are spoken in this multilingual country, 88% of its population speaks French.

United Kingdom

In the UK, there are over 45 million immigrants who speak French.


7 million Canadians speak French. Native speakers are typically found in the province of Quebec.


West Africa holds Senegal, Togo, Côte d'Ivoire the Congo, and many more, that speak French.

Guess what, and they all relocate and travel to the United States.

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On a Video Call

What Makes Us Different

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

We use standard analytics to customize learning according to your individual comprehension pattern.  Meaning, we customize and design learning method that work for each individual.  Instead of using mind numbing apps, each week you will meet with a live instructor.  Our method is to spark creativity and imagination through total french immersion.  We make learning fun through structured and engaging courses in multiple subjects and themes.

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How It Works

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  • Upon admission, an individualized program is customized for your learning needs.

  • Students connect with a native French speaker and experienced educator, virtually, in the safety of your home.

  • Weekly tasks are assigned to provide total immersion and practice of the new French concepts introduced each week.

  • Analytics are used to measure comprehension and proper pronunciation.  

  • Frequent progress reports are provided to parents to easily monitor your child’s progress.

  • At the end of the 16 week program, students receive a certificate of completion of our French Foundation Program that will prepare them for their next evolution.  The sky’s the limit!  Watch how your bilingual child uses these skills as a gateway to many opportunities.


*Summer Special*

All Programs $19.99 per week

(expires June 15th)

Virtual Team Meeting

Program List

Available Now

$160 (Special 75% Off)

Summer Sessions
French Foundations Program

This 8 week program runs from June 21st through September 3rd.  Students may participate in virtual or in person field trips.
(face masks required while in groups)

$1,280 French Level 1

Foundations Program

This is an introductory course for beginning French speakers.  This is a 16 week course in reading, writing, and pronunciation of standard French principles.  Students will participate in interactive games, group activities, and structured weekly lessons to encourage full spectrum immersion into their new language.
(face masks required while in groups)

$1,520 French Level 2


This course is structured for intermediate French speakers.  This program is meant to expand on skills and knowledge obtained through previously formal learning.  Students will be accessed of competency, recognition and recall prior to registration.
(face masks required while in groups)

$80 Toddler Time

Ages 2-4

Similar to baby rhime time, with a twist!  Your little one will engage in story time, games, and songs ALL in French.  Marvel in the amazement of how quickly these little minds retain the new language.
(Due to COVID-19 these sessions are currently suspended for safety)

$40 Holiday Club


Parents and children gather for group learning, french communication, and fun!  Runs from October through December.
Great gift idea for all families.



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